sábado, junho 10, 2006

[Procura-se] Tradutor de Português Europeu

Freelance Continental Portuguese Translators and Editors
We are seeking freelance Continental Portuguese translators and
editors for occasional contract assignments.

Candidates will be required to have extensive experience in
producing final translations of English texts into Continental
Portuguese in areas relevant to the Fund, such as fiscal, monetary,
and exchange policy, central banking, bank supervision, tax and
customs policy and administration, debt management, legislation,
audit standards, etc., or in editing such texts.

Candidates should have demonstrated ability to work on highly
demanding, time-critical assignments.

Educational Requirements:
Advanced native-level knowledge of Continental Portuguese and
thorough knowledge of written English is required.

Translators will also be required to hold an academic degree in a
field related to the work, such as economics, finance, banking, or
law, or in a language-related field, or equivalent professional
experience in addition to the above requirements.
Candidates meeting the qualifications are invited to apply online
by July 14, 2006. Vacancy No. R06542A

Instructions on how to apply: